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4 thoughts on “20 Min Fat Burning Beginner Cardio Workout at Home

    1. Hey babe! I am releasing programs for effective shaping and to change your body you need to hit the same muscles over and over again, focusing on your form. You basically need to perform a couple of exercises with control and right form to tone up the muscle. It’s the most effective and fast way to see change. I only train to look good LOL… and really focus on saving time and so I don’t do 1000 different moves or complicated exercising. I only want to do the work done to keep myself in shape… So I only do the most effective moves over and over progressing with time adding resistance.

  1. Hi .I m a mom of 3 Kids and my height is 165 and my weight is 67kg . And i also breastfeeding my little girl . She is 7 month old can u please tell me which exercise is best for me to lose full body fat I want to be 53kg. plus can u give me a proper diet plz plz ,. Bcz of my fat and weight I m so depression. PLZ help me

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