Girls Booty Building Workout with a Barbell!

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Lift Your Booty Naturally! Bubble Butt Workout!

Fitness Model Gina Maria (@gnamaria_) is showing you a good home butt and leg workout you can do in about 10 minutes. Its best if done with ankle weights but you can do it without if you don't have any. For the #1 Butt Workout Plan: .

Slimmer Stomach and Butt Lifting Workout

Fitness Model Anne Parker is showing you a workout to get a sexy strong midsection and a more lifted butt. If you have ankle weights use them for better results. Try it! For the #1 Butt Workout Plan: .

Bigger Butt Beach Workout Booty Circuit

Fitness Model Viktoria Kay is showing you a butt and legs workout you can do anywhere with no equipment. She's doing squats, lunges, hip thrusts. Give it a try. For the #1 Butt Workout Plan:

Lift the BOOTY with these Butt Exercises

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