Body weight workout focusing on ABS! SRFITNESS

I didn’t 3 full rounds of the workout below: 3 rounds: Inches worm + squat + 2 backwards lunges. 20 x Sit ups 20 x Ankle taps 20 x Bicycles 20 x crunches (legs up) 3 rounds: Inches worm + squat + 2 backwards lunges. 20 x Leg lifts 20 x Half sit ups 20 x Big swimmer kicks 20


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Crazy core(abs) workout in ONLY 9 minutes! (Advanced )

Abs(core) workout that can be done in the park or in your house, you don't need anything, no equipment and not even time!!!! Great routine to strengthen your core for all kind of movements or lift. It is for an advaced level. Give it a go if you feel you are not

FEMALE HUG MUSCULER Fitness Model Sharon Madderson I Big Bicep I Female Workout Video

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Quick & Easy 10 Minute Abs Routine / 2018

Hey Hey Everyone! And welcome to my first ever Youtube Video! Today i'll be going through a quick and easy 10 minute abs workout routine i do each morning to keep my body mobilised, healthy and ready for the day! Exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle, so don't skip

Basic Barre Leg Workout + Arms & Abs (55 min)

Slow and controled pace with a focus on finding neutral spine using a dowel (dowel not necessary for workout). This is a full body low intensity workout. You can expect to move your arms, abs and spine as well.