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6 PACK at HOME – Wake up with ABS ( HOME WORKOUT)

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Quick HOME ABS workout with no equipment! Repeat each exercises 30 sec. with NO REST between the sets , and REPEAT this 3 times !!

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Welcome to my channel love =)

My name is Sabina , I started my fitness journey few years ago, and want to share with you what I’ve learned tohelp you reach your goals too !

I use to workout 5 times per week, I don’t follow a strict diet because FOOD IS BAE you knoooow lol . I think that you have to eat healthy most of time, but also treat yourself and not become crazy with it. It’s called BALANCE !

I love animals, I love soooooo much animals and I’m a Rotweiller mommy he has 8 years and he’s my preciouuus ( If you saw the Lord of the rings I’m taking Gollum’s voice while I’m writing this lol)

I love gym clothes, honestly, I wear gym clothes or tracksuits 90% of time and the other part, I wear crop tops and jeans LOL ” Had a thing with clothes you have to know this !

I don’t party a lot, I prefer to chill at home with friends of playing video games with bae. I have traveled a lot and that’s for me the most precious thing you can reach in life because that’s how you learn about life, beautiful things on that earth and other cultures.

I’m romanian & french, and I try to improve my english every day but you have to forgive me or my grammar mistakes I do my best I promise!

Wish you a lovely day xx

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