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Learn to RUN with Pahla B: Running INDOORS vs OUTDOORS

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Level TWO | 1:1 walk-run intervals | 15 minutes, one mile, 2000 steps | BURN 100 calories It's the Let's RUN podcast and we are learning to RUN at home… and outdoors! And let me tell you, Killer Bs, outdoor running is really different than running indoors. This is Part 2 of a 4-part series. See all of the Learn to RUN videos ➭ When you first start running outside, everything feels so HARD. That's totally normal, and I've got four simple running tips to help you successfully take your running workouts from your living room to the sidewalk. While we chat, of course we're going for a great one mile WALK + RUN with one minute intervals. So, you wanna know how to run outdoors? Here's how: 👉 SLOW DOWN. Seriously, when you first try running outside, you're going too fast. 👉 GO BACK TO INTERVALS. Or, go back to easier intervals. 👉 FOCUS ON YOUR BREATHING. Rhythmic breathing is the key to everything, but especially running well. 👉 LET GO OF THE NUMBERS. Set yourself a new standard and enjoy running at whatever pace you can manage. BONUS TIP 👉 KEEP AT IT. This won't last forever, and before you know it, you'll be ready to kick your running up another notch. 😅 COOL DOWN: Thank you so much for WALKING + RUNNING with me today! Be sure to SHARE this video with your friends. // FOLLOW 🐝 Killer B Hive Facebook Group:
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