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Learn to RUN with Pahla B: Your FIRST 5k Race, 30 Minute RUN + WALK

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Level THREE | 3:1 RUN – WALK intervals | 2.5 miles, 5000 steps, BURN 275 – 325 calories You're running your FIRST 5k race! Are you excited? Nervous? Ready to rock? Wondering why you signed up for this thing? All of the above? 😅 I totally get it. This is Part 3 of a 4-part series. See all of the Learn to RUN videos ➭ Killer Bs, racing a 5k is a really big deal, and there are lots of training plans out there (I have a couple of them, too ➭ that will help you get to the starting line super prepared for everything to go right. BUT WHAT IF EVERYTHING GOES WRONG? Yes, this is the strangest/funniest Let's RUN podcast topic we've had yet. But when you're learning to run, these are the things you worry about! WHAT IF: 😱 You're NOT PREPARED at all
😱 You come in LAST PLACE
😱 You have embarrassing BODILY FUNCTION problems
😱 You completely FREAK OUT
😱 Everybody LAUGHS AT YOU I have funny stories and practical advice for all of these situations and more, my friend. And while we're chatting about it, let's RUN! I've got the Gymboss set for 3 minutes of running and 1 minute of walking and we'll cover a little over two miles today. The warm up is included. 😅 COOL DOWN: Thanks for working out with me! Be sure to LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE the video with your friends! // FOLLOW 🐝 Killer B Hive Facebook Group:
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