Aerobic system workout | 03

Training in the aerobic zone will increase your endurance. After several weeks you will be able to cover the same distance in less time in the same aerobic heart rate. Give it try.

Triathlon Nutrition – How to Make Rice Cakes

Thank you very much for watching we really hope that you enjoyed it! This video is a part of our nutrition series. Ingredients: 1 mug of pudding/risotto rice 2 1/2 mugs of water tbsp vanilla extract 1/2 tbsp cocoa powder 6 tbsp sugar 200g cream cheese Equipment: mug pot table spoon big spoon cling film tray Follow us on Instagram: Thumbnail

01-aerobic workout

Велосипедная тренировка на станке направленная на развитие выносливости в в аэробном режиме. Длительность - 60минут